TRUSTED has its own factory in China. We provide only the best quality, most reliable and the latest technology of power generator sets. Our team have successfully designed a large line of specialty power generators for our various clients around the world.

We understand that the most important factors to consider when buying power generators are to provide the product with the most power, the most durability, the most reliable and the most fuel-efficient with the best warranty for the best price, you can truly trust TRUSTED.

DC Power Technology

DC power is becoming more and more important to our life. In the Telecom industry, battery charging, precise instrument usage and in high tech applications, DC power is here to stay. TRUSTED’s DC generators are able to keep up with the rising demand of DC Power usage. We guarantee that our innovation will make this integration into DC technology very smoothly.

Durable And Efficient Engine

TRUSTED generator sets are powered by durable and efficient engines to ensure lasting powerful output. Our optimized designs save fuel, are lightweight and protect the environment. All generators are USA EPA certified.

High Quality Parts

TRUSTED insists on using only high quality components in manufacturing to ensure the whole generator set is durable and reliable. You will be able to always rely on TRUSTED for using highest standards in manufacturing.